Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Faster than light

The people at CERN would have come up with second experiment resulting in accordance with Einstein's statement that speed of light is the maximum in the cosmos. I still believe that people who said that nothing can move faster than sound were fools .
There is no speed barrier in nature. Speed should not be depended on time it is complete in whole hence like any other physical measurement it should be infinite and not just mere equal to 300000000 m/s. I would have  conducted experiments on positrons as well.
There must be something in the universe(outside the earth) as well , which radiates neutrino like particles which can defy speed of light.
In case we could discover any particle which can have speed faster than light. Fusion of those particles if resulted in mass defect. E=mc2 where c would not be speed of light.

What acceleration is required by the particle to achieve that high speed? And how much force?

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