Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Being Saras Ojha

From his childhood days, he was always excited about beautiful serendipity in the world of science and technology. He was always found digging mud with the one inch long sticks and dirting his blue shorts. Stories of Aryabhatt, James Watt, Varahmihir and Nicholas Tesla always came in his dreams as his childhood heroes.
    As he grew older his imaginations became longer as the shadows stretch after twilight. When he entered college for graduation, his thoughts became in parallel with his contemperory scientists and engineers. He wrote poems about various algorithms in the world of computer sciences. His perceptions could catch minds of billions in the world.
   Some of his modified verses of poems were used in advertisement songs of the leading corporate firms across the world. Ideas of gravitation, explanations for black hole and speed of light were all craving in the minds of this young budding scientist.
   He had never thought that he would be that famous and rich in terms of wealth. He was supremely gifted with youthfulness for his own entire life. Some people predicted about the end of life due to red shift", but he used this phenomenon in the field of medical imaging, world of fashion industry and television telecast. He was intelligent enough in formulating the effects of ' red shift' as the shift of entire electromagnetic spectrum. Its effects on visual perceptions of colours by human beings. Its applications gave new meaning to wireless mobile communication.
   When he was twenty-five years old , he felt that poverty in his country makes women suffer the most. His wisdom and strong conviction to better the state of health and to bring social justice to women, brought his friends together to start a television serial called as " Satyamev Jayate." His deep understanding about the cooperative and non-cooperative game theory opened a new way of match making in his friend circles, he was quick to understand that majority of deaths during kidney transplant occurs due to wrong matching of organs. He often complained about strong irritations and used to go vulnerable whenever he met circuitous paths and sometimes he forgot paths in the labyrinths. People like him very much. He was so lucky for them as the albatross for sailors in the rough sea. He taught people how to live life, how to lead a better life, because of his efforts scientists of space research changed their old empirical based formuls for predictions. He was the living legend for many as he urged to change the definition of " second" owing to advancement  in nanotechnology. As in computer networks time is a shared phenomenon And coming up of faster super computers. One fine day, he observed a cloud coming over his head, when he was walking down the lane. The cloud opened his mouth and spoke in fumbled words, " I have got the message from up above the sky that you have been chosen to become a star, so enter my mouth by stepping up through my stair case shaped." He simply walked inside the cloud and cloud flew off. Inside the cloud he saw shining grey walls, decorated with golden yellowish ribbons.  

Aryabhatt and Pascal received him at the doorstep , and asked him to come inside. They started talking
and he told them how human beings have utilised decimal system and the knowledge of pascal triangle to develop computer networking and computer languages. After few minutes of talk , they went to meet other people likes of Nicholas Tesla and Albert Einstein. He acknowledged the duo and spoke about time sharing with Einstein. Einstein urged him to meet Isaac Newton as well. Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton always had long talks about bending of light and the advance ideas of gravitation. He thought to keep quite as it was not so appropriate to enter the debate with such great scientists. He informed them about how scientists at CERN were trying to find a particle which can move faster than light. Advancement in nano technology and medicine. They informed that this is the special cloud which is meant for the eminent people to ride on. He was chosen to ride on this cloud for a day. He enjoyed whole day with great scientists and had great fun in playing chess and eating really exotic things.If the distance traveled by the light is of very high order in the  outer space, it will definitely appear to bend. After all that they let him off from the cloud. When he reached college next morning , he told his friend about his yesterday's experience of cloud. No one believed him and  told them that he 's gone crazy. Now the biggest problem was whom to share it with. He feared that people might make fun of him. So he thought to write a story about it , a sort of narrative story. So he wrote a story  and submitted it to Commonwealth's short story prize. Now a routine life was going on, and one fine day he was told that he won a first second prize for his story. He was very happy to know it. He told his daddy about it. His father asked him , " What 'd you do with this much money as you are already so rich ?"  He said, " I will invest the money in share market as the money invested there helps industry and helps everyone become wealthy."

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