Monday, December 03, 2012

Possible solution for jet lag

If computers (Personal computers )  have problems with time sharing, so it is with humans as well ( male or female). Computers are machines which have been crafted after imitating human brains. The other day, the clock of my desktop was not set properly , so it developed SSL errors in certification. Hmnmnm so, it made me to think once about this jet lag thing. Our brain moves from one time zone (or zone of time) to the other time zone. Mostly jet lags are reported when flights are in night time. We sleep before adjusting our wrist watches to the next time zone. If for an instance or as an illustration if, the clock or the  passenger's wrist watch is set to the next time zone, just before the flight of the aircraft begins , it will help reduce chances of jet lag. Whereas I have never ever heard of jet lead. People would be suffering from Jet lead as well , but they often report saying " they are suffering from jet lag ."
          I consider the world as a sphere ( a globe) . Now, if Sun is steady. As for our reference of time , we say that Japan gets the first sunlight. On paper, world is flat. We call Japan is on the east whereas Unites States of America is on the west of India. India and Japan are ahead of time. (  recall Greenwich, London). So, if we move from East to West ( for e.g India to US)  please adjust your wrist watches to the time zone of the city, you are going to land with the onset of the flight or before going to sleep during the course of flight.

    Jet Lag   Or Jet Lead
We , normally hear Jet Lag . I have hardly come across anyone saying he is suffering from Jet Lead. Probably , both causes similar effects.          

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The relevance or context of above written "Solution for the problem of Jet Lag "  is meant solely for the   famous artist in the field of Cinema Mr. Amitabh Bachchan as response to his tweet T-948.  

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