Sunday, October 28, 2012

During Last summer vacations

Somebody said, “a picture is better than thousands of words.” I read it on a book which teaches the subject “digital image processing”.  But in the world of computers we should talk in terms of Kilobytes or megabytes or whatever is the storage unit on disk. Meanwhile, if the power of words and the expression through them  is magnified by using words more effectively in literary sense, then we can beat the aforesaid sentence because high definition photograph or any picture is going to occupy more space on disk.
I am sitting on the 1st floor of the Morvi Hostel and it is completely mesmerizing scene before my eyes. Mid of may , spreading the bright sunlight on lush green lawns in four quadrants bordered by thick continuous plants cropped properly. Hostel walls painted yellow and red,with the blue sky today giving a tranquilising effect on minds. Few birds gliding at high sky sometimes threatens some sort of air attack to the tiny worm, who is struggling to walk across a long green grass. One can find pigeons moving between the two mango laden mango trees. These pigeon sometimes appear bluish grey and sometimes appear whitish moving at perfect straight line which can amuse newton’s description of straight path given to light. On other hand, butterfly flying in its random path at a low height of fight. The location of the hostel looks ideally for putting solar cells. I could observe that at no time of the day the lawns don’t receive sunlight. 

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