Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Surely ,Unique Banaras Hindu University

Many IITs in India are running courses of Master of Arts and MBA within their campuses but none have an institute of Medical Sciences.But Banaras Hindu University has one. Banaras Hindu University got a reward as institute of technology was converted into IIT(BHU). Such an up-gradation will definitely put BHU more prominently on the map of the world. Further interdisciplinary courses like bio-medical engineering has an enormous potential to be student's first choice with institute of medical sciences in the same campus.Sir Sunderlal Hospital , IMS BHU is full filling its duty to the country efficiently. There is an obvious demand to upgrade IMS BHU to All India Institute of Medical Sciences(BHU) Varanasi. Ministry of Human Resource and development should see it as very viable with respect to serving the people of the region of state of Bihar, jharkhand , Uttar Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Orisaa.
 There has been lots of discussions for making the IIT(BHU) conversion bill. Now with the framework of the conversion ready, other institutes of the university can be converted easily and swiftly keeping the linkage with the BHU intact. Conversion of Institute of Medical Science to All India Institute of Medical Sciences is the need of the hour.
Research work in bio-medical engineering requires easy and close interactions with Computer science, medical science, chemistry, pharmacy, material science, mechanical engineering,bio-technology, applied mathematics and probably few more as everyday new avenues are opening up.
The best results which are fairly expected are in the fields of nanotechnology which clubbed with drug delivery mechanism and bio-imaging can do wonders ahead of Radiography based diagnosis techniques.
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