Monday, January 09, 2012

Cuddling in mom's lap

 With my each inhale and exhale , the clouds were romancing the shape they own. I was looking at it from the top and then bottom. Every shape they bore , brought smile on my face. They became octopus, they became the ring, they were flower of heaven, amusingly they took the shape of my grandfather's wig. They became my granny's cow and moved its tail beating a mite on its back. I had my chin rested against my palm with my face lit up.
   I heard a voice and clouds vanished. Whose voice it could be other than your mother's ? Snatching me out of that pool of imagination into one of the most heavenly place , cuddling in mom's lap .

Copyright © saras ojha

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Ketan Patil said...

a very nice comparison of things. splendidly caught your thoughts in words. but it seems a bit abrupt. i would like to see you go epic.