Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Justice by sparrow

 It was breezy, the ground was larger than the other grounds where he often tapped his bat. He was wearing blue trousers and white round neck with a print , generally seen on a t-shirt of a metro-sexual with a weird graphical appearance of grey ink. Behaving like an ordinary player with a keen interest in his heart to bat after a long time and outclass others with the dominating show of play was contouring in his mind very vigorously. The anticipation in his eyes and hunger which was very outspoken and almost it drew the attention of a typical captains of street cricket who generally come to take the fresh air taking an off from their mafia activities and further impressing their girlfriends who never accepted their friend requests on orkut but enjoyed their lewd comments about the weight of youthfulness they carried since they turned seventeen.
  So, one of the captains asked him to open and pass the better of the two bats to him. It was just the start of winter approaching the end of second week of november. The sun was smiling at him and the mist was trying to exceed the effect of romance of cricket on soils of Uttar pradesh where sparrows are royal spectators of the happening and proceedings on green mango trees.
  The captain led his other team members to sit near the off side boundary under a tree to count the score and to follow the girls who were going to show off their newly purchased scooties. And then the ball pitched just outside off-stump and he moved his front leg in a copy style of Rahul dravid and hit the mid of the bat and ball after bisecting the two fieldsmen swept along the cover area to hit the canines of the captain who was about to open his mouth  after chewing the Cavendish and immediately a girl passed on his scooty to pass the smile and suggesting the justice given by sparrows and she sped away along with the royal flock of sparrows.

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Ketan Patil said...

details! you ve hit the nail.