Thursday, November 03, 2011

 If I had been empty stomach, with my eyes sagging and brain in partial consciousness even then I had recognized you in that crowded bus . Embarking on your beauty and your leaning habit against window pane with your yellow bag looking out of the window like I used to look at you , galvanized and tempted in monsoon while playing football on a yard opposite to your room.  The perfect off drives hitting exactly the mid of your mom's forehead and the runaways when she used to yell at me whenever she noticed me.

But that day you were caught looking at my legs and spoiling your assignment with saliva lurking out of your oval shaped mouth. And I am sure after that day you followed me. I am scared of you , I am very scared of you. You are dead and you dont know that. You are immortal baby. You don't know you are dead.

Copyright © saras ojha

The above script is written as this could be a good advertisement scene.(Totally fictious)

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