Friday, October 14, 2011

 He was looking at the podium, with his big eyes as big and outstretched like his dreams. He became little bit cautious about his hairstyle, he never liked how his mom used to hold her cheeks and give him strokes of a comb purchased from banya shop ,located in one of the streets of Lucknow. He could never understand why she used to do all that before a mirror making his face look like a prehistoric fish called dunkleosteus.  He touched top of his hair and then immediately put his hands in pocket with only thumbs of two hands inside it and rest of the fingers craving in and out of his thighs like LEDs do.
  For a moment who looked towards the huge crowd of ten thousand people, he saw a face. The glimpse of that face turned his face pale yellow. He shrugged off his hands and moved towards podium at accelerated walk towards it and held the mike before his outgrown lips. The anger was being reflected through his eyes which caught attention of all present there. The saliva from his mouth busted out and the words delivered were echoed in the air not only twice but thrice.

Copyright © saras ojha

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