Sunday, September 18, 2011

Decode that

 Blue was in his eyes and they were teaching him the greyness of personalities. Being an extreme was his desire and he was told to stay calm in between the shades of trees and not on those cliffs. Oh sweet heart the gift was for you and not for your fellows. He simply likes to be a fool because it makes many intelligent. The wisdom of a King who was generous in his disguise of being poised with knowledge.
  Even you were out to take revenge from him. He is a cult of honesty at its best. A big heart which might flood this world with the goodness like glaciers on south, pour water for us. He hasn't smiled because things are not surprising him. He knows a lot about thrill. Which side do they end. The pacific winds or spanish love , they all might turn killers.He listens to you. You plead him otherwise he will end this world.

Copyright © saras ojha

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