Monday, June 20, 2011

When Mom hasn't cooked Rajma

 School was 2-3 Kms away from his home. It used get over by two on the clock. After playing lots of football and turning his black leather shoes into muddy brown and his white pair of socks laden-ed with dust and marked by others shoes, he used to run away towards the water cooler. He had to wait for a long queue to get over for his own turn. He patiently waited with his eye-lids drooping under the scorching sun. He used his palms and placing his mouth on its edges to drink water as much as he could with one inhale of gulp. After drinking belly-full of water he

ran to pick his bag and hung it around his shoulders and headed towards his home. He was 100 meters away from his home, his nostrils inhaled an aromatic smell of food , which he loved the most. He stepped faster towards the home. Closer he reached faster his steps were . He threw his bag on a chair and rushed directly into the kitchen, where his mother had just finished cooking . He asked, "mom ! Give me four spoons of Rajma and three spoons of Rice with curd ." His mom keeping her chin up and gave him a scary nose stare and said," It is not Rajma today, probably you smelled neighbor's kitchen."
After listening this his shoulders were clubbed to close his chest , head was down and he moved to watch T.V .

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