Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Three times in a lake in Michigan

 He was sitting in his favorite posture sipping a cup of tea , with his thirst laden dry lips . While sipping the tea he was looking outside the window . An idea in his mind flew off , and he was trying to recall it. It was troubling a lot , he tried to pacify himself by looking at the green banana tree and a small pond which becomes alive only during monsoons. The pretty orange sun which was scattering its redness tangentially on the water bed giving tens of images of  an amusing star which shied away from the beauty of moon and runs away at night. So he decided to walk out in his whites wearing a blue denim jacket . He stopped near the pond and picked some pebbles and started throwing them in the pond. Then he picked some sharper stones and started throwing them flatter with his arms getting more aligned horizontally in parallel  with the planes. He started counting how many dips did they make while fading away from the sight or reaching the dry land across the pond. It appeared as if a small dolphin had made a foray in the pond and they were springing up the water in succession. Legitimate beauty which he created and admired. It was ecstatic when he made a swift throw which made three dips. He shouted in joy ," Medov , I did it."
  That elated mind got an inrush of blood which recalled him what had flown out of his mind few minutes back. He was supposed to collect a horse from Medov as he had won a bet of dipping a stone three times in a lake in Michigan. 

Copyright © saras ojha


ketan p said...

awesome english. i would like to read the compete thing.

saras said...

Thanks for showing interest. It will take 2-3 years more to complete it.