Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Atherton's phobia

 Many people have made cricket a statistical science. Many term it a game of batsman. Many of them take it as a gossip material. Some even try to initiate their marriage talks with it, assuming it to be the common interest. Many take it as a religion. Many people write and publish about it. Majority of people put it as their routine facebook status . Some take it as a career . Many play at school and college level. Some become prominent commentators . Few are seen as experts on television. Many simply end the debate of existence of god by simply calling Sachin a god. Few become bosses of  IPL teams making it a big commercial success.

  Amidst all this , I was thinking what Glenn Mcgrath had to do with cricket. A decent country boy with a caring nature. How tall one could be , being so down to earth. He went on playing 100 Tests for Australians . People tried worst of their Taxonomical skills calling him "pigeon."   because he was thin and his legs gave an impression to Brad McNamara of a pigeon's leg. Mcrath's dad had a machinery shed and McGrath used it for honing his precision as he bowled at drums lying there.

He is a man of solitude. He often escaped from social scenes and isolated himself with an aid of a fictional novel or a movie. Some one told me his favorites are trilogy series of Lord of the Rings. He makes good cock tails and is known to give nice touch to choc-top ice-creams.

  He eats the same breakfast every morning on tour. His boredom is crazy , he was once so bored that he just decided to walk into the city. He had no idea how far it was and six hours later made the return trip. He was satisfied and tired. He has got the strongest of memories a fast bowler could have as he remembers  every Test wicket he's ever taken, how the batsman was out and what number victim they were.

 On youtube videos if we watch how Glenn used to dismiss Brian Lara , Lara looks so sensitive to his swing bowlings that whenever he got out off Glenn , he made an impression to viewers that it was unplayable. McGrath on field often keeps talking to himself motivating and focusing with his lips moving when he is on run-up.

He made Sachin vulnerable on off-side, depleting Indian top order several times. Dravid found his in swingers really tough. Michael Vaughan  , Trescothic and Kevin look rusty before McGrath's precision. Mcgrath surely gave cricketing world a splendid show case of fast bowling. Sledging the batsmen , calmly standing upto them and showering some real bad words. He used it as a tool with greatest temperament unlike Allan Donald.

McGrath proved it that cricket is not the game , but it is a sports. Cricket is not about statistics , it is about personalities. He played it like it is the game of bowlers and became dressing room pest for opposite party. Cricket is not limited to gossips but has an extended leg of sledging. He cleared the myth that fast bowlers cannot be good fielders. What a man , he has been. I am so lucky to see him bowling live.


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saras said...

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