Tuesday, May 31, 2011

He and She

He was thin. Knuckles of his right hand were rolling over his right eye like his mom used to roll granite to make idli paste. He hadn't slept for two consecutive days , as he was traveling by railways in a second class coach which was as colorful as the skirt he had bought for her. His heart was beating out of his chest as if it incorporated feelings of two coherent and metaphysical soul of highly dignified thoughts.
  The first step in  her territory signaled the world about the catastrophe  and the second stabilized the loss occurred. He thought he governed time , a delusional insight of an attracted and pacified feelings of a soul which experienced wraths of many. This notion was mitigated by her , when she asked him to move away on the day of perigee.World was revolving but it evolved for him for the sake of first lunatic waves with high muzzle velocity.
  The velocity was enough to escape him from dimensions of life and probably from himself. The caring nature of her started haunting him like a shadow follows its own creator. But she was little more of a companion than a shadow. She was lightening blue even in the darkest of the night and florescent yellow in the brightest of the day time. She followed his single breath , smooching her all the time with some elite passion which was rare even in the winds of Norway. The oozing sound she created caused an impressive melodrama in his wax filled ear. She took her sight with sexiest wink of his life to moors where he was riding on a horse saddle, with her cuddled in his strong arms. She ruled his every sense like a queen of contemporary world. She became a statue in his dreams with her  chin up, gazing him with  a  small star twinkling just above her crown responding to every stimuli he gave her in those long nights of lunatic dreams.
  He begged for those 8 hours of sleep at night , in which he danced with her on lush green garden of blue bougainvillea which reflected their charm on her body , giving her the make up which made all poets rhetoric about them. When droplets of sweat lingered their fluffy body , even the god of love opened his window to gaze the  supernova of erotica . It was even said that Shakespeare thought to take a rebirth , probably they just did as he had liked once.
  She probably didnt know any language , she was  signaling him  making gestures by eyebrows , chin and stretching her neck . The stars were moving in synchronization communicating the graph of couple's affinity and moon became a toy boat enchanting prince of wisdom and queen of Iceland to enjoy the ride of his swing. Blessed was the mud of the garden which adhered partially on couple's body , eventually made   god of rain jealous and he washed the mud by sprinkling late night shower. Those rains filled the ponds and rivers originated which are still flowing with might. Giving life to many! Ohh! Baby recognise me.

Copyright © saras ojha

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